Aviation News to join National Business Review

In a move that New Zealand Aviation News publisher Jill Hewitt calls “excellent news for our subscribers”, NZ Aviation News will become part of the National Business Review from 1 November.

The move cements the future of New Zealand’s longest-running aviation news source and gives subscribers access to all the content of—New Zealand’s business authority since 1970.

Here’s how it will work: our next issue (November) will be the last one printed on paper. From 1 November, after almost 44 years in print, we will be entirely online within, and the Aviation News section will in due course contain our entire library of digital back issues. From that date, instead of publishing monthly we’ll upload stories as they’re written—delivering a more timely and just as relevant news source to the aviation community. If you’re an Aviation News subscriber, the balance of your subscription will be transferred to an premium monthly subscription (worth $35/month). This will give you full access to Aviation News content plus the entire website, via any device, for the remainder of your subscription. Why NBR? As well as being well placed to deliver our content as part of a trusted, professionally presented website, the National Business Review team has solid aviation experience—possibly the best you’ll find at any New Zealand news outlet. Chief technical officer Michael Bach is a B-cat instructor and keen Tiger Moth pilot. Video content producer Paul Brennan is a longtime aviation enthusiast and the driving force behind Bring Our Birds Home. And NBR’s marketing is managed by Auckland agency The Goat Farm, led by former RNZAF C-130 captain and current IFR Piper Arrow and Chipmunk pilot Vaughn Davis.

We’re excited about the move online and look forward to delivering you the same standard of content that we always have, only more regularly, without advertising and without harming as many trees!


NZ Aviation News on your computer, laptop, phone or tablet

From 1 November, New Zealand Aviation News continues its 43-year service to the aviation sector as it switches from a monthly printed magazine to a 24/7 digital news source.

For the editorial and contributor team, led by John King, it’s a huge opportunity. 

“We’ll no longer be limited by space on a page or pages in an issue. If it’s news, we’ll run it. And if we’ve got two great photos to choose from, we’ll run them both.”

It also means that decades of stories, features and images will over time become available online.

For the reader, what was a monthly read switches to real-time. Stories will appear as they’re written, making for much more timely coverage of the sector.

Unlimited access to Aviation News for $8.95 a month

Existing Aviation News Subscribers will automatically receive full online access to NBR and New Zealand Aviation News content from 1 November. New or renewing subscriptions from that date will cost just $8.95/month for Aviation news content only… or about enough Avgas to start, run up and taxi your Cessna 180.

For what’s expected to be a significant upgrade to what Aviation News offers its readers, we see this as excellent value for money and look forward to continuing to do what we’ve always done, with the support of our new owner The National Business Review.

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