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Readying for takeoff at Momona

Dunedin International Airport at Momona is a busy place, and some unusual flights have taken off from there, including the first flight to view the aurora australis. Now the airport is the venue for another first.

The “Run the Runway” event will take place on 22 January, providing a chance for people to run or walk Dunedin’s 1.9km runway from 6.15 am to shortly before 8am. The event has been enthusiastically supported by the airport management and approved by the CAA.

Airport pricing under careful scrutiny

On 20 October the Commerce Commission released a process and issues paper for its review of the prices Auckland and Christchurch International Airports have set to apply for the period 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2022.

Under Part 4 of the Commerce Act, which regulates markets where there is little or no competition, the airports are subject to information disclosure regulation. While the Commission does not regulate the prices the airports charge, its role is to review airport pricing decisions to promote greater public understanding about their performance. 

Commission deputy chair Sue Begg says the paper outlines how the Commission intends to approach the review. “Areas we propose to focus on include the reasonableness of the airports’ target returns, forecast capital and operating spending, and the efficiency of pricing,” she says...

Virgin strikes flying rabbit

Bird strikes on aircraft are not uncommon, although they fortunately seldom result in such drama as the January 2009 US Airways flight 1549 that ended up in the Hudson River after running down a flock of geese.

But a Brisbane-bound Virgin Australia B737 last month also suffered an unusual strike, hitting both an eagle … and a rabbit.

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